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Roadmap — Where we're headed

A quick look at our priorities over the next few months. See changelog for detailed releases.

  • 100% →

    A new name, a new administration panel, leagues design completely revamped and a new user dashboard.

  • 100%

    New statistics engine

    Fully reengineered statistics engine to improve performance.

  • 100%


    New feature that let you to send emails to players or a specific team.

  • 20%

    Custom scoring system

    Set your own scoring system. For example, instead of, by default, giving 1 point to an hockey goal, you could give 2 points.

  • 0%

    Custom design

    Customize your design, set your own domain name, configure your own Google Analytics code to track visits and create custom pages.

  • 0%

    Better mobile browsing

    Web optimized version look & feel of the leagues for smartpones.